LQ Basic Leadership Academy (LBLA)

LQ Basic Leadership Academy (LBLA)

LQ basic leadership academy – From personal leadership to leading a small group, a company or an industry; there has always been a void. A void for effective leadership created from lack of leadership knowledge and principles. The effect has ranged from struggles with living your best life to poor leadership decisions over a group or organization.

Yes! Being a leader can be exhausting too. Many times you tend not to have the capacity to find the balance between managing family and work-life properly and it can be a hassle that one of the aspects of life suffers in place of the other. You can manage this balance with the right knowledge including closing your quarter of the large gap in the excellence culture of leadership in our time and age.

We must give diligence to the things we do whether we are paid for it or not. Also, we are affected today by many who hold positions/titles but do not understand the true concept of leadership.

Hence, LQ Basic Leadership Academy has been put together to educate, enlighten and impact you with the requisite leadership values and principles to move you from here to there; where you want to be in your Leadership. LBLA would cover the following courses:

  1. Leadership
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Entrepreneurship / Financial Management
  4. Communications
  5. Team Management
  6. Project Management
  7. Relationship / Family Management
  8. Excellence Culture
  9. Work & Life Management
  10. Mentoring & Impact.

LBLA is run virtually, taking you through all courses at the comfort of your home.

Registration Fee: 5000 NGN which also covers for certificate fee.

To register, fill out this form:

LQ Basic Leadership Academy (LBLA)

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